Travel Sized Workouts

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Ok - We get it! It's fall break and your gorgeous, sunny, amazing family pictures look gorgeous, sunny, and amazing.  

Vacation can be a wonderful time of rest and restoration for your body. However, it's still important to get your heart rate up and keep limber through full range of motion. This does not include bending over the buffet lines.  

Here are a few 15-minute or less, Travel Sized Workouts that can be done no matter where you find yourself over break.  Challenge yourself or your family to try one at least every other day.  

"The Rump Roaster"
Drop Set from 10 (10 each, 9 each, 8 each, etc...1 each)
  -  Jumping Jacks
  -  Air Squats
  -  Jumping Lunges  

"The Buffet Burner"
30s each - 10 Rounds
  -  Jumping Squats
  -  Shuttle Run outside (bonus points if on a beach somewhere)

"The Ab Detector"
EMOM for 15 Minutes:
  -  15 V Ups
  -  30s Side Plank (one side)
  -  30s Dead Bug (lay on back and lift hands and feet off ground 6 inches)
  -  30s Side Plank (other side)
  -  30s Front Plank

Relax and have a great fall break!

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