Recognize this guy?

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Yup, that's me, Coach Clay, and yes that's a chin strap beard. Clearly, Casie married me for my potential.

Most of you never knew this version of Clay and to be honest, I hardly remember him too. But, that was me weighing 193lbs (I checked the scale religiously) holding 28% body fat - both very unhealthy for my frame and body type.

What I do remember is despite the goofy smile (I mean, look what my arm is around), I hated looking in the mirror and had a borderline food addiction. I ate everything in sight. Sometimes, I would eat Taco Bell 2-3 times a day. (This was before they had breakfast as an option. Yeah, you see it now.) 

So, I started running and stopped eating - that's what you do to "get healthy," right? 

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Fast forward a couple years and there's me, on the left. 6ft. 2in. tall, wearing a size small T-shirt, and barely weighing 147lbs - nearly the same as the ladies also pictured.  

I hadn't stopped eating entirely - just enough to get by day-to-day until we would go out to eat somewhere. Then, I'd gorge myself.

You'd think dropping nearly 50lbs would be a good thing, but nope, I still saw an overweight guy who must just need to get down to 140lbs...139...135. Then, I'd be happy with my body.  

In the medical field, this fixation on weight and body image is called Anorexia Nervosa - and looking back, I had all the symptoms - secretly.

Enter CrossFit and a coach/mentor who helped me understand healthy body image.

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Don't let the mask fool ya, that's me and I didn't photoshop in extra abs.

I now weigh around 173lbs (the "heaviest" I've been in years).  I say around, because I try to avoid the scale.

I still struggle with over eating, sometimes. Every once in awhile, I'll look down and see "all the body fat" and start to freak out. But, for the most part, I have learned healthy habits that keep things in balance.

This is why I love coaching and working with each of you.  
I understand the struggle of over eating and also the fear of gaining weight. I want to share the freedom and lifestyle I have found with anyone who is looking to make changes. I didn't do it alone. We all need help.

This is my story and it's still in process.
CrossFit BBZ is here to help.